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Secrets to Selling for Top Dollar

Is there really a method to the madness for getting top dollar when selling? Of course there is, and today I’m sharing six SIMPLE secrets to selling your home for top dollar!

  1. Price it Right. Setting the right price for your home is the single most important decision you will make when you decide to sell. Regardless of condition, location or defects, if the home is priced correctly, it WILL sell!
  2. Un-Scent Your Home. This one is trickier than you may think. Bring in an honest 3rd party (your Realtor will do) for a sniff test. Even if your home doesn’t have a smell to you, it may to others who don’t live there. Anything from food scents, pet smells, or even air fresheners can turn buyers off.
  3. Storage Speaks. Buyers LOVE storage. Do whatever it takes to put your home’s closets and storage nooks on full display even if it means clearing ’em out. Buyers will be opening closet doors, so decluttering even behind closed doors is necessary. If you closets look crammed, a buyer is going to get the impression that there won’t be enough room for their things either.
  4. Enhance the Entry. This is the buyer’s first interior impression. I have been on showings where the buyer takes one step inside and says, “not for me, we can go” without seeing the rest of the home! Swap out the entry-way clutter for a vase of fresh-cut flowers or a thriving house plant.
  5. Clean is EVERYTHING. This is my #1 and the easiest way to get more money for your home without improvements. Clean is never clean enough when strangers are viewing your home. Remember, you may be up against a few brand new homes at the same price point. Don’t miss top dollar for lack of a little elbow grease. A clean home portrays a well cared-for home. “Man, that home was just way too clean for my liking.” – said no buyer ever.
  6. Declutter & Depersonalize. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of a third of your stuff (temporarily). This may mean renting a storage unit or pod, but return will far outweigh the cost. A good visual to keep in mind is transforming your home into a staged property. You want the buyer to be able to picture themselves living there, not feel like they are touring someone else’s home.

Seems easy enough, right?! There is a lot more home specific tips I could share, but these some great basics that you can apply to any home. If you’d like to chat more about you can get top dollar for your home, holler at your girl! I’m always here to help.

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