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‘Secret’ Home Gym Remodel

surprise home gym remodel

Remember that controversial Peloton commercial that went viral over the holidays? That was basically us, in reverse… and with a home gym remodel on top. My husband had been living in Dallas part time for work, and staying with his Aunt and Uncle who have a Peloton. Every time he would come home he was telling me how great it was, and how we NEEDED one.

So, I caved…

ordered the bike and scheduled the delivery for when I knew he wouldn’t be home.

Home gym remodel and peloto

How does this turn into a home gym remodel?

I got to thinking about how UGLY our ‘work out room’ in the basement was. It certainly wasn’t a place that I wanted to spend time, so getting Mike this overpriced bike for Christmas turned into me also redoing our sad, wanna-be home gym for him as well. (*disclaimer* Yes, I think the bike is over priced, but totally worth it and I would buy it again in a heartbeat!)

At this point,

it was already a week into December, we had 2 trips planned before Christmas, I wasn’t finished with my other holiday shopping yet, and adding this remodel to my plate was biting off more than I could chew. Especially since I could only work on it when he wasn’t around. Mom to the rescue!! Thankfully my awesome Mom came to help me paint. FOUR coats. That brown was harder to cover than you’d think!

Here are the before and after photos. I was able to get almost everything I used off Amazon, and then DIY what I couldn’t buy.



As it turns out, with the social distancing going on I am SO grateful for this space! There are still things I would like to do to the room, but our little home gym has certainly helped keep us sane throughout this quarantine!

Peloton for the WIN!

Without purchasing this bike I would have probably never found the time to tackle this quick home gym remodel, and I had no desire to be in the dark dingy space it used to be. It’s really no surprise that I enjoy the bike and work out room more than my husband. So, Merry Christmas to me too!

** Peloton is currently offering a FREE 90 day trial for the app, which offers a ton of at home workouts that you don’t need any equipment for! If you are already a member, I’m @MarcindaLynn … let’s be friends! If you are thinking about purchasing either the bike or tread and want a $100 coupon code, just let me know!**

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