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Things to Do in the Lou

April 2020 Edition

Well, this month’s “Things to Do in the Lou” post is quite a bit different than months past! Since all the things to do in St. Louis this April that I planned on telling you about have been canceled, I considered skipping the post this month. However, while we can’t do festivals, sporting events, concerts, etc. there is still so much we CAN do that will help us get ahead and ready to have all the fun when life gets back to normal.

So, here goes…

A list of things to check off that TO DO list before this stay at home order is lifted and life gets back to being busy again!

  1. Clean those gutters!!
  2. Change out all your filters around the house. This includes water, range hood, air vents, over the range microwaves, HVAC, vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers, etc.
  3. Clean out the dryer vent. This often gets over looked and can be a fire hazard!
  4. Test all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and change out batteries as needed.
  5. Clean exterior windows.
  6. Declutter something! Pick a closet, room, or junk drawer that has been accumulating things over the year and reorganize it! Just tackling one small task at a time will feel good, and may get you motivated to do more!
  7. Scrub walls, baseboards, outlets, doors, door knobs and blinds. These often get overlooked when cleaning the house, and what better time than now to de-grime and de-germ the things we touch most!
  8. Landscape. Put that green – or not so green – thumb to work! The weather has been beautiful and planting flowers, gardening and landscaping is a great activity to get some vitamin D all while staying quarantined.
  9. Re-stain / paint the deck. The winter does a number on our wood decks and banisters. Summer is right around the corner, so use this time at home to get your outdoor areas ready for all the social gatherings we’ll have to make up for in the coming months.
  10. Power-wash it ALL. Driveways, siding, patios, patio furniture… trust me, it’s so satisfying! And works wonders to bring life back to everything that has been neglected all winter long.

Bonus Idea 💡

Repurpose something! While you’re getting all the decluttering out of the way, consider giving something a makeover that you might otherwise just throw away. I recently did this to several items while sprucing up my front porch for Spring. Since shopping isn’t currently an option, why not give it a try?! Check out what I did here!

While these things may not be your idea of fun, it sure will feel good to get them done, and your house will thank you, too! I’ll be back with the fun stuff as soon as possible.

What are some of the things you plan on tackling that I left out? Comment below and let me know! If you do any of these things share your pics and tag #livinginthelou on facebook or @livinginthelou on instagram so I can see!

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